#Zeroby40 : Eradicate malaria by 2040
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Advocating with organisations that are fighting to end malaria for good
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Sharing expertise with others to end malaria for good
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Partnering with organisations like IVCC to end malaria for good
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Portfolio and Innovation
Investing into innovation in order to end malaria for good
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Training and Education
Supporting education to end malaria for good

Mosquito Learning Lab

Learn about mosquitoes, the deadly diseases they carry and simple prevention tips.

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Our Approach: 360º Vector Control

With more than 60 years of experience in the field, we are constantly innovating to find sustainable solutions.
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Fludora Fusion

The first IRS product combining two unrelated modes of action, providing optimum effectiveness under conditions of insecticide resistance.
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Our product Ficam has a history of usage in IRS programs across Africa, the Middle East and South America. It is odourless and non-staining and is well accepted by residents.

Public Health Journal

Subject matter experts share their research and findings in this annual publication dedicated to vector control topics that concern the global vector control community.

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