7/27/2011 11:30:00 AM

Bayer involved in Africa's biggest reality television show

Bayer is once again sponsoring a week on Africa's biggest reality television show, Big Brother Amplified. This follows last year's highly successful 'Malaria Week' on the show.
This sponsorship commitment represents part of our concerted community awareness and social responsibility drive to highlight the threat of malaria on the African continent. As a result, in the previous show, the week was used to demonstrate the effective use of a mosquito net and how to treat a net with K-Otab 1-2-3. We also asked housemates to take part in various tasks, such as discussing the effects of malaria on the community and it's impact on the economy.
This year, the campaign will centre around the key message of sustainable malaria control and the role that more durable Long-lasting Insecticide Treated Mosquito Nets (LN) and proactive insecticide resistance management play. This campaign will include elements such as a feature on LifeNet, the new highly durable LN from Bayer which has just received WHOPES interim recommendation and Bayer's Insecticide Resistance Management tool, Ficam.
Consistent with the activities during the Bayer sponsored week in 2010, a number of exciting and informative activities will be carried out by the housemates to highlight the social challenges and solutions for malaria prevention.

The previous season of BBA reached slightly over 1 million viewers in over 14 countries, and this year we expect to touch over 1,4 million people in SSA.