4/24/2012 3:00:00 PM

LifeNet® mosquito nets now available

Malaria is one of the world’s deadliest diseases, killing almost one million people a year. The impact on already poverty-stricken communities in regions where it is endemic can be devastating. Every year on 25th April the world acknowledges the efforts being made in the fight against this controllable disease, with World Malaria Day. As funding for malaria control comes under increasing threat, the theme for this year is ‘Sustain Gains, Save Lives, Invest in Malaria’.

Recognizing the need for more sustainable malaria control tools and on the occasion of World Malaria Day, we are glad to announce the availability of LifeNet, the world’s first polypropylene long-lasting bed net.

Bayer has received all necessary regulatory approvals for large scale production and delivery of LifeNet. Production is now underway and product registration approvals have already been received in Malawi, Namibia and Zambia; with further country registrations pending. Delivery of LifeNet to countries in Sub-Saharan Africa is therefore about to commence. LifeNet received recommendation through WHOPES (the World Health Organization Pesticide Evaluation Scheme) in 2011.

LifeNet represents a sustainable, user-friendly alternative to currently available nets. With highly durable fibres; longer-lasting insecticide performance and greater resistance to fire it will provide significantly more nights of effective protection than other nets.

Bayer’s investment in this new malaria control tool will not only save lives but also help to sustain the impact of malaria control programs.

To find out more about the activities dedicated to World Malaria Day 2012 please click on the Roll Back Malaria icon on the left hand side of this page.