6/11/2012 7:30:00 AM

New malaria awareness campaign targets affluent areas of Mumbai, India

The Greater Mumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is warning that prosperous areas of the city may be breeding grounds for the mosquitoes that are vectors of malaria. The BMC has found that the mosquitoes are thriving in residential complexes.
Manisha Mhaiskar, Additional Municipal Commissioner, said in an interview with The Indian Express that most people think that mosquitoes breed only in slums and construction sites, but there are also cases in more affluent areas, especially homes that have pot plants or water storage. With that in mind, the Corporation has launched a campaign aimed at raising awareness among upper middle class and middle class residents, organized by local ward officials in conjunction with residents associations.

As part of the campaign, posters with malaria prevention messages will be put up in more than 100,000 residential complexes and apartments. The BMC is also screening three ten-minute documentaries on the issue, each aimed at a different segment of the local community: the residential population, construction industry workers and slums.

Recent figures show that cases of malaria are already on the downturn in Greater Mumbai, with a 52% drop in 2012 to 4059 reported cases, compared to 12,602 in 2011.