11/13/2012 10:30:00 AM

LLIN flammability discussed at ASTMH 2012

We are glad to come back to you with a new update on the ASTMH meeting in Atlanta. Yesterday our Vector Control team met more than a hundred people who showed an interest in what makes LifeNet different from other LLINs, and the benefits it can bring to malaria control. The work that Bayer had done on the topic of what happens when mosquito nets come into contact with fire (ie. net flammability) was of particular interest. This area has not been explored or researched very extensively but Bayer is leading the charge on this issue. The different burning behaviour of LifeNet was acknowledged as important by all.

Long-lasting insecticide treated mosquito nets are an important tool in the fight against malaria, but during their use they are often exposed to fire or flames (eg. from cooking fires, kerosene lamps, candles). This can be a significant factor in the formation of holes, reducing the overall bed nets effectiveness. Moreover, it represents a serious risk of burns in children. Naturally, the safety issue is a critical concern.
At Bayer we consider that this topic should be an important part of the education and communication process during the distribution of mosquito nets. Follow this link to watch Bayer educational video “Mosquito Nets & Fire “ on YouTube.