11/14/2012 11:00:00 AM

Penultimate day at ASTMH

Yesterday was the second and last full day of the exhibits being open at the ASTMH meeting 2012. The Bayer Vector Control team welcomed the steady flow of interested and relevant stakeholders at the LifeNet stand.

We had a number of interesting discussions with professionals involved in malaria control from various countries such as Cambodia, Zambia, Saudi Arabia, Myanmar, Tanzania, Kenya and Ghana (to name just a few).

In addition, last night Bayer held a cocktail reception in conjunction with the Core Group focused around the theme of partnerships in Public Health, and more specifically the monitoring of mosquito net durability, so important for the effectiveness of malaria control programs.

The event was a great opportunity to talk to a range of academics and operational people about how we can share knowledge and experience to support each other in the fight against malaria.

LifeNet stand
Bayer Vector Control team
Will Hensley during his speech with Shannon Downey from the Core Group