12/11/2012 3:30:00 PM

Bayer LifeNet protects school children in Senegal

Children at a school in rural Senegal were recently some of the first recipients of Bayer LifeNet mosquito nets (which are now under mainstream production). The 300 or so children and their families are now protected against malaria by the latest in mosquito net technology thanks to the efforts of a volunteer organisation “Estel de Pau”, founded by Bayer employee Michela de Marchi. This NGO was founded in Spain in 2008 and since then has been supporting various social, health and economic projects in Senegal. These projects focus on malaria control and in particular highlight the effectiveness of malaria prevention compared to seeking treatment once infected.

Michela De Marchi and Swesdelina Weltschewa (Bayer employees in Barcelona), initiated the collaboration and the distribution of the LifeNet, which were happily provided by the Bayer Vector Control team in Lyon. The distributor Agrophytex, based in Dakar, was also a key support in the distribution of these nets to the Louga Region in North Senegal.

Prior to the distribution of the nets, there were information sharing sessions with the children and their families, educating them about malaria and how it is transmitted and how effective nets can be to prevent the disease.

In the past, the majority of the families of this small rural village had no access to long lasting insecticide treated mosquito nets to protect themselves and their children. They are now using mosquito nets on a regular basis and LifeNet will continue to protect them for many years to come.