1/25/2013 11:30:00 AM

Orphans in Uganda are now protected by LifeNet

In late 2012 the children of an orphanage in Kamukongo, a small village in the Masaka district of Southern Uganda, as well as pupils of the local primary school, received LifeNet mosquito nets to protect them against malaria. The main hospitals of the region – Villa Maria Hospital, Haide-Helmut Heath center and Kitaasa Heath center – also received LifeNet mosquito nets for their patients. In all, more than 300 people in this area will receive the benefits of protection with this new long-lasting mosquito net. This LifeNet distribution became possible thanks to the collaboration between Bayer and a German NGO 'Our Children and Our Future e. V'. The delivery of the bed nets was supported by the local company 'Quality Chemicals Ltd', in Uganda.

About half of the population of Uganda are children under 16 and about 2 million of them are orphans as a result of AIDS/HIV. Twelve years ago, recognizing the need, Emmanuel and Maria Goretti Musoke, supported by the German NGO, started a self-help project also called 'Our Children and Our Future' which cares for orphans and other needy children in the Masaka district. This project has enabled the construction of the orphanage in Kamukongo, and now is ensuring the local children’s security, health and access to education.

The Director of the Orphanage, Mr. Musoke said, 'We are so grateful for this generous contribution from Bayer. These nets will help to curb the rampant malaria among the orphans; and it will also allow the orphanage to save money that would have been used on malaria treatments. The money saved can now be used to meet other children’s needs.'

Prior to the mosquito nets being handed over Mr. Musoke and Dr. Kawuma from 'Quality Chemicals Ltd' explained to the recipients how the LifeNet nets work to protect people against the mosquitoes which transmit malaria. They also shared with the community best practices of bed nets usage and maintenance.