3/21/2013 11:30:00 AM

Germany makes EUR 1 Billion contribution to the Global Fund

Germany has announced that it will contribute EUR 1 billion to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. The announcement, made in January this year, represents a continuation of Germany's support for annual amounts of EUR 200 Million over five years, through 2016. The new Executive Director of the Global Fund, Mark Dybul said this represented a tremendous milestone and meant that health workers and people in countries such as Ethiopia and Myanmar can make a big difference.
In order to sustain a strong fight against these three key diseases, sustained funding from donors and commitment from local governments are essential.
'We can defeat AIDS, TB and malaria,' said Dr. Dybul. 'We need funding to get it done. We are at a critical moment for funding, and we need a big push this year.'