Ficam belongs the carbamate group of insecticides and therefore represents a key rotation option for pyrethroids and DDT, aiding in the management of kdr resistance (kdr confers no cross resistance to carbamates).

Carbamate insecticides cause reversible acetyl cholinesterase inhibition; the fact that it is reversible means there is no requirement for routine Acetyl Cholinesterase Monitoring in spray operators (unlike organophosphate insecticides).

Ficam is available as a highly concentrated formulation in unit-dose, water-soluble sachets (62.5, 100 g and 125 g) intended for addition to 5 L, 8 L or 10 L spray tanks. This low volume packaging reduces bulkiness for shipment purposes, a clear logistical advantage over bulkier liquid formulations. Water soluble packaging also minimises exposure during handling.

Ficam has a history of usage in IRS programs across Africa, the Middle East and South America; it is odourless and non-staining and is well accepted by residents of sprayed structures and by spray operators alike. It also has a broad spectrum of activity, meaning it controls mosquitoes, houseflies, cockroaches, fleas, scorpions and various other pests as well.

As a WHOPES evaluated and recommended product for indoor residual spraying; it comes with the independent assurance of effectiveness and safety in use.  The Bayer source of the active ingredient bendiocarb has also been assessed in terms of quality.

Ficam has been successfully used for malaria vector control across more than 16 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa including Benin, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Mozambique, Tanzania and Uganda. It has proven itself in terms of reliable performance and effectiveness against malaria vectors and has also been included in Chagas control operations in Latin America.

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