Training & Education
We believe that training and education are critical in ensuring the safe and effective use of our products. We train implementers and support the distribution of information to communities thereby helping to optimize the outcome of vector control programs.

360 Degree Vector Control

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The first IRS product combining two unrelated modes of action, providing optimum effectiveness under conditions of insecticide resistance.
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Ficam - carbamate insecticide based on bendiocarb for indoor residual spraying

Ficam is a carbamate insecticide intended for use as a residual surface spray against disease vectors such as mosquitoes and sandflies.

K-Othrine WG is a pyrethroid insecticide intended for residual application to surfaces where disease vectors such as mosquitoes and sandflies rest.

A water-based space spray that utilises FFAST anti-evaporant technology to provide optimised effectiveness against mosquitoes.
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Portfolio & Innovation

We offer a unique portfolio of vector control solutions and invest in the development of improved solutions for the future. We take a holistic approach that considers important elements such as insecticide resistance management, cost-effectiveness and environmental impact.