Using digital capabilities to educate local communities
Bayer has developed two innovative digital information platforms to educate entire communities, from school children to the elderly as to the role they can play in eliminating dengue.

Mosquito Learning Lab & Mosquito Quest

Mosquito Learning Lab >

The Mosquito Learning Lab, a fun and interactive online learning tool to find out more about Dengue fever, explains the many different ways the public can take responsibility and prevent mosquito breeding in and around their homes. The content is interactive, practical and engaging, and the platform comes with a virtual trainer who guides users through the program.

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Mosquito Quest >

Newly available is Mosquito Quest, a virtual reality experience using the latest technology that complements the Mosquito Learning Lab - where users test their knowledge to identify potential mosquito breeding sites while on a 3D guided tour through an everyday home. By doing so the user is immersed in a typical real-life situation that they can relate to. The goal for each user is to score a maximum of 10 points by finding all potential mosquito breeding sites.
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