Mosquito Quest

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Mosquito Quest is a 3D virtual reality experience developed by Bayer that complements the Mosquito Learning Lab to test user’s skills at finding potential mosquito breeding sites inside a home.

  • The experience immerses the user in a typical real-life situation that they can relate to.
  • The goal for each user is to score a maximum of 10 points by finding all potential mosquito breeding sites.
    • 8 potential mosquito breeding sites:
      • 6 sites which are easier are worth 1 point
      • 2 sites which are difficult are worth 2 points
    • Sites are located in 4 rooms: Living room, bedroom, kitchen/dining room, & bathroom


Any smartphone

VR headset or VR cardboard


What does it look like?

Download the fact sheet to know more about Bayer Mosquito Quest App.


Click on the links below to download the app!