360º Vector Control

Our 360º mission in vector control is to leverage our history, expertise and innovation capacity to enable vector-borne disease programs to protect life. We carry out our mission through an emphasis on impactful product development and partnerships. Training and education initiatives complement our portfolio offer to ensure the best outcome for quality of life and the environment.

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// Expertise

Viewing vector control holistically drives our research and development for over 60 years. This makes us pioneers in everything we do and ensures that we provide state-of-the-art solutions right from the start.


// Education

Through the development of educational tools, we support students engaged in the study of vector-borne diseases and advance knowledge sharing on vector-borne disease management via interactive platforms. We also provide trainings to vector control teams on product usage, safety and insecticide resistance management.


// Partnership

We believe in the value of strong partnerships in order to achieve sustained impact against vector-borne diseases. We do this in various research projects as well as in promoting the importance of controlling these diseases.


// Advocacy

We contribute our voice to advocating for awareness and support to the fight against vector-borne diseases in unison with other organizations committed to the same cause. Our activities range from media campaigns to cultivating global expert networks.


// Solutions

Our unique vector control solutions are designed to address current and future challenges within the scope of vector-borne diseases. For example, the first two-way combination product (Fludora® Fusion hyperlink) for indoor residual spraying against malaria (hyperlink) vectors – developed for improved control under conditions of insecticide resistance.



Let’s stop vector-borne diseases where it counts

More than 60 years in vector control have given us an all-round understanding of the global challenges. So we take a holistic approach to everything we do. Learn how we help to protect millions of lives by creating safer and healthier environments around the world.