Commitment to Public Health

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Bayer is dedicated to the fight against vector-borne diseases such as malaria, dengue, leishmaniasis, sleeping sickness, Chagas and Zika.

We offer a unique portfolio of products and solutions to protect against the spread of diseases affecting more than half of the world’s population.

With a global outreach, Bayer maintains a focus on vector control as part of its core business. We show our commitment by:

  • Our dedicated resources in the fields of product development, regulatory affairs, marketing and commercial operations
  • Our regulatory support for chemistry which is unique to public health and no longer used in agriculture (e.g. bendiocarb)
  • Our contribution to specific community awareness programs (e.g. our online Mosquito Learning Lab and indoor residual spraying training programs)
  • Our partnerships with organisations such as the Innovative Vector Control Consortium
  • Our representation and contribution to industry working groups.