Corporate Compliance

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A company’s reputation is one of its most valuable assets. Bayer’s reputation of honesty and integrity is essential to our continued success. A compliance program allows us to work towards our mission, vision and values while helping us to avoid significant costs and/or penalties. 

Our Commitment: 

Illegal and/or unethical behaviours go against everything we believe in and the Bayer brand represents. Therefore, behaving legally and ethically is not only a part of our job – it’s our promise to all of those whom we serve across the globe. That means every employee, stockholder and customer.

We are committed to:

  • Fair competition: no antitrust violations
  • Integrity in business dealings: no corruption 
  • The principle of sustainability: no inappropriate risks for human health and the environment
  • Upholding foreign trade laws: no export infractions
  • Safeguarding equal opportunity in securities trading: no illegal insider trading
  • Proper record-keeping and transparent financial reporting: no deception
  • Fair and respectful working conditions: no discrimination
  • Protecting the fruits of our own endeavours and respecting the legally recognized rights of others: no infringement of our own or others’ property
  • Keeping corporate and personal interests separate: no conflicts of interest 
  • Cooperating with the authorities: no misinformation


To reinforce this commitment, all Bayer employees must undergo compliance training and the Corporate Compliance Policy handbook provides additional guidance on relevant matters. Not only does it educate, but it also serves as a reference point to all Bayer employees in any moment of uncertainty. All employees must adhere to this policy as it affects them as well as the company.


The complete Bayer Corporate Compliance handbook.