Product Stewardship

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Product stewardship is the responsible and ethical management of a product throughout its life-cycle. It is an integral component of sustainable development and responsible care.

Product Stewardship has the following main objectives:

  • to ensure best practices and maximise the benefits from product use
  • to provide beneficial, quality products that gain consumer and stakeholder confidence
  • to minimise potential risks to human health and the environment

Our product stewardship activities include extensive investment in safety testing of our products, the development of improved packaging design, the development of new technologies with enhanced end-user or environmental safety and the provision of support services to promote responsible product use.

Product Stewardship Policy

Product Integrity and Testing: We test products adequately and effectively in accordance with sound scientific procedures and applicable regulatory requirements.

Product Authorization: We obtain product authorization for products in the country where the product is to be sold. We take a consistent approach to research and development of products regardless of where in the world this may be. Where a regulatory system is not in place, best international knowledge and accepted practices are used.

Labels for Commercial Products: Our labels for commercial products contain appropriate information on registered/recommended uses, first aid and medical advice, precautions for storage, handling and safe use, and instructions for handling and safe disposal of empty packages.

Products and/or Application Techniques: We make every reasonable effort to develop products with improved biological, toxicological, ecotoxicological and environmental profiles and support improvement of application technologies.

Training: We ensure that appropriate programmes are implemented in order to train, instruct and, as necessary, update our own staff and customers in all aspects of the responsible management of our products during their entire life-cycle from research to product discontinuation.

Production: Our production facilities are of a suitable standard, in all countries where product is manufactured. Where third parties manufacture on-behalf of Bayer, contractual agreements impose adequate stewardship requirements.

Packaging, transport, storage and disposal of products: We organise qualified packaging, transport, storage and disposal of our products in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements, the respective FAO Guidelines and Bayer Quality Health, Safety and Environment Key Requirements.

Brand Communications: We advertise and promote only products or product uses that have been registered or authorised in the country in which the product is sold and ensure that all brand communication claims are technically substantiated.