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Bayer has one of the longest histories of involvement in providing solutions for the control of vector-borne disease. With a strong pedigree in insecticide research and development; a unique portfolio which includes options for insecticide resistance management and specific resources dedicated to our vector control business, we are in a position to offer support and solutions for the most significant intervention methods used today.

Our strength and expertise with pyrethroids (eg. deltamethrin and cyfluthrin) is second to none and we complement this with industry-leading formulation technology and regulatory support.

We are the only company offering a non-pyrethroid active ingredient (bendiocarb) whose use-patterns are limited to public health and nuisance insect control - which therefore has a key position in controlling insecticide resistant mosquitoes.

Our key products are evaluated, specified and recommended by the WHO Pesticide Evaluation Scheme and comply with local and international regulatory standards.