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DeltaGard - US only

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Product Description

DeltaGard is a water-based insecticide concentrate for application as a space spray adulticide in the management of mosquitoes.  It contains the unique formulation technology FFAST (Film Forming Aqueous Spray Technology) and carries a US EPA Reduced Risk classification for wide area mosquito control. 

Key Features

  • DeltaGard is an ultra low dose space-spray concentrate
  • Contains improved FFAST technology - protecting aerosol spray droplets from the effects of evaporation and thus giving them a longer effective life.
  • EPA Reduced risk classification for wide area mosquito control.
  • Available for aerial application
  • Dilutable in water only (reducing costs of solvent based diluents)
  • Labelled in USA for application over any and all crops.
  • Results in no visible residue on surfaces after application

Key Benefits

  • DeltaGard is a product which gives you all round confidence of high effectiveness and high safety in application - giving reliable protection of communities which are plagued by mosquitoes.

Use & Safety

Where to use

For wide-area mosquito and nuisance insect control in non-crop and cropped areas This product in only available in the US

Use Pattern

What we control:

Adult mosquitoes, black flies, gnats, non-biting midges, stable flies, horse flies,
deer flies, sheep flies, horn flies, and nuisance flying insects such as houseflies or blow flies.

Application rates: 

Apply this product with hand-held, backpack, portable, and truck or aircraft mounted Ultra-Low Volume (ULV)  sprayers  and  portable  or  vehicle  mounted  mist-blowers  for  wide  area  applications. 

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