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Fludora Co-Max

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Fludora Co-Max

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Product Description

Fludora® Co-Max, our newly developed two-way space spray for effective vector control, innovatively combines two unrelated modes of action. Co-Max can make a proven difference in vector control because of its greater potential for sustainable insecticide resistance management.

Key Features

  • Effective in controlling pyrethroid-resistant mosquitoes and slowing down resistance development through two unrelated modes of action – flupyradifurone (IRAC group 4D) and transfluthrin (IRAC group 3A)
  • Broad-spectrum efficacy against nuisance and/or vector-transmitted-disease mosquitoes
  • Controls arbovirus-transmitting and nuisance mosquitoes such as Aedes spp. and Culex spp. as well as other species such as Anopheles spp.
  • New formulation allows thermal fogging with no odors, staining or nuisance to residents
  • FFAST® Technology protects Co-Max droplets from evaporation

Key Benefits

  • Proven results and high mosquito mortality rates among susceptible and pyrethroid-resistant strains in field trials performed at various sites under different conditions
  • Easily visible but non-irritant cloud formed on application
  • Cost-effective with a minimum amount of the product required for excellent results
  • Easy to handle and mix
  • Improves product performance over longer distances thanks to patented formulation
  • Flexible product that can be applied outdoors and indoors by ULV, cold and hot fogging

Use & Safety

Where to use

Outdoors and indoors ASIA LATAM

What to Control

Use Pattern

What Co-Max controls:

Adult mosquitoes

Application rates:

7.5 gAI/ha for outdoor uses, 4g/1000 m3 for indoor use

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