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Product Description

A highly concentrated, water-based suspension of the insect growth regulator, triflumuron, for the effective control of mosquito larvae as specified on the label.

Key Features

  • Provides highly effective control of mosquito larvae
  • Contains a chitin synthesis inhibitor - a highly targeted mode of action with excellent safety for higher order vertebrates
  • Concentrated formulation with low dose rate
  • Low odour formulation

Key Benefits

  • High level of safety when used according to labels
  • A small volume of product goes a long way

Use & Safety

Where to use

For use in residential and commercial areas. For use in the control of mosquito larvae in contained breeding sites only, not intended for application to open water bodies. Korea Malaysia Lebanon Oman Saudi Arabia UAE

Use Pattern

What to control:

Mosquito larvae

Application rates:

Please refer to registered label for your specific territory.

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