Bilarv WP25


Bilarv WP25

Product Description

Bi-Larv 25 WP contains Diflubenzuron which is an insect growth regulator that interferes with formation of chitin during the moulting process of the insect larvae. Bi-Larv is recommended for the control of mosquito larvae present in water and also against house fly maggots.

WHO-PQ listed

Key Features

  • Provides highly effective control of mosquito larvae
  • Contains a chitin synthesis inhibitor - a highly targeted mode of action with excellent safety for higher order vertebrates
  • Concentrated formulation with low dose rate
  • Low odour formulation
  • Listed under WHO Pre-Qualification Scheme

Key Benefits

  • Effective against three key genera of mosquito larvae i.e. Aedes, Anopheles and Culex
  • Targetted mode of action – high level of safety to higher level vertebrates
  • Stable in polluted waters and at elevated temperature
  • WHOPES evaluated

Use & Safety

Where to use

Clear surface water, polluted surface water, sewage pits, soak pits, latrines and septic tanks. India

Use Pattern

What to control:

Mosquito and fly larvae

Application rates:

For mosquitoes: Mix Bi-Larv in water at a rate of 10 g / 10 L water for clear surface water and 20 g/ 10 L for polluted surface water and apply via sprayer to cover 500 square metres of surface area.

For Fly maggots: Add 5 g of Bi-Larv in 5 L of water and spray uniformally to cover 10 square metres of surface area and repeat after 6 - 14 days.

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