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Fludora Co-Max

Space Sprays

Fludora Co-Max

Product Description

Fludora Co-Max is a new water-based insecticide Space Spray concentrate for use in the control, indoors and outdoors, of adult mosquito vectors of disease. 
Fludora Co-Max contains the Butenolide Flupyradifurone and the Pyrethroid Transfluthrin. The two unrelated modes of action aid in the control of Pyrethroid resistant mosquitoes and help to slow down the development of resistance. 

Key Features

  • Introduces Flupyradifurone, from the Butenolide family-completely new insecticide class for public health.
  • Combined with Transfluthrin – a fast acting Pyrethroid with unique properties that help overcome metabolic Pyrethroid resistance mechanisms.
  • Contains FFAST Technology (Film-Forming- Aqueous Spray Technology) which helps maintain droplet size after application – aiding long-term effectiveness.
  • Intended for dilution with water.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Does not contain PBO.

Key Benefits

  • New mode of action helps overcome insecticide resistance.
  • Combination of two modes of action helps preserve long-term effectiveness.
  • FFAST technology is well proven in known formulations like Aqua Reslin Super and Aqua K-Othrine.
  • Dilution with water reduces economic and environmental costs associated with Hydrocarbon-based diluents.

Use & Safety

Where to use

Indoors and outdoors using hand-held, backpack, portable & truck mounted Ultra Low Volume Application (ULV) sprayers and portable and vehicle mounted thermal foggers. ASIA LATAM

Use Pattern

What to control:

Adult mosquitoes

Application rates:

Fludora Co-Max must be mixed with water only and sprayed using appropriate equipment for hot and cold fogging. Please note that it cannot be diluted in oil. 
For specific use rates refer to the registered label for your state of territory.

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