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K-Othrine Polyzone

Residual Surface Sprays

K-Othrine Polyzone

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Product Description

A polymer-enhanced suspension concentrate for residual surface treatment indoors and outdoors. K-Othrine PolyZone contains a proprietary polymer that protects the active ingredient from the effects of aggresive surfaces, weather, irrigation and mechanical abrasion. This formulation ensures long-lasting control of susceptible target pests.

WHO-PQ listed

Key Features

  • Water based polymer-enhanced suspension concentrate formulation - the polymer reduces risk of wash-off of insecticide from treated surfaces. and environmental contamination
  • Contains the pyrethroid deltamethrin - a high level of safety in use.
  • Greater than 6 months residual activity on indoor surfaces against susceptible mosquitoes and  3 months residuality on external surfaces.
  • High quality formulation which has low odour and is non-staining after application

Key Benefits

  • Improved results compared to formulations which do not contain the polymer.
  • Reduced environmental contamination from wash-off of insecticide residues from external surfaces.

Use & Safety

Where to use

K-Othrine Polyzone is used as long lasting outdoor and indoor residual spray as part of an integrated mosquito management approach. Malaysia

Use Pattern

What to control:


Application rates:

K-Othrine Polyzone is a polymer enhanced suspension concentrate aqueous formulation containing 62.5g of deltamethrin per litre.  
Apply using hand-held spray equipment at a dose rate of 25 mg/m2 for indoor use.

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