Space Sprays


Space Sprays


Product Description

A stabilised, water based organophosphate insecticide for adult mosquito control.

WHO-PQ listed

Key Features

  • Contains formulation technology to reduce the odour of malathion.
  • Dilutable in water (only) - not for dilution in oil-based solvents.
  • Non-flammable
  • Low dermal toxicity
  • Excellent stability
  • For outdoor use only

    Key Benefits

    • One of the only non-pyrethroid space spray formulations available - provides a useful option to include in a resistance management strategy.
    • Provides very good control of target mosquitoes.
    • Low odour compared to other malathion based formulations.

    Use & Safety

    Where to use

    Outdoors only Brazil Bolivia Paraguay LATAM

    Use Pattern

    What to controle:

    Adult mosquitoes

    Application rates:

    Refer to registered label in your country or territory or contact us for further information. 

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