June 2015

Bayer hosts 2nd International Insecticide Resistance Management Workshop of 2015 - Kampala, Uganda.

Medical Entomologists from across Africa join Bayer representatives at a workshop in Kampala to tackle challenges faced in managing insecticide resistance.

Insecticide Resistance
In July, Bayer was pleased to host another workshop (following a similar event in Dubai in January) focussed around Insecticide Resistance Management in malaria vectors. Kampala, Uganda was the venue for this event, which had the objective to provide a platform for facillitating the sharing of knowledge and experience around this topic. Medical Entomologists and other relevant experts from ten countries across Sub-Saharan Africa were present. Specific presentations were given by representatives from the Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS) programs of Ghana and Uganda, highlighting the operational challenges experienced in these 'real world' environments.   
The detailed needs of the IRS programs for these 10 countries were further expressed in workshop sessions; leading to a clear checklist of practical elements which the Bayer product development team (represented within the workshop) need to take into account. It was also an opportunity for Bayer to share some details of existing product development projects to ensure that what is being developed genuinely matches the needs of malaria control programs.