April 2017

Advocating with organizations that are fighting to end malaria for good

Bayer has established a partnership with Goodbye Malaria (GBM) to jointly support the objectives of Ending Malaria for Good in Southern Africa. The organization, based in South Africa, is active in the Southern African Development Community

Member States and is unique in that it focuses primarily on indoor residual spraying (IRS) as the key tool to combat Malaria.

An initiative created and managed by African entrepreneurs, Goodbye Malaria deploys vector-control interventions for preventing malaria cases and works closely with the National Malaria Control Programs to ensure optimum impact.

Bayer, with more than 60 years of experience in developing vector control solutions, therefore partners with Goodbye Malaria to reinforce commitment to expanding access to vector control tools and preventing people from contracting the disease.

As Bayer continues to invest in the development of new vector-control solutions such as, Fludora™ Fusion, specifically targeting the challenge of insecticide resistance in this area of the world, the alliance will offer crucial insights into the challenges of product implementation.

GBM is not only involved in rolling out vector control programs but also acts as an ambassador, advocating IRS as a key tool and educating people that malaria elimination is possible.

Goodbye Malaria’s philosophy and engagement resonates with the commitment of Bayer towards malaria elimination and the company mission of Science for a Better Life.

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