August 2017

August, 20th is the World Mosquito Day: How does Bayer fight against mosquito-borne diseases?

Mosquito day 2017120 years ago Sir Ronald Ross discovered the link between mosquitos and malaria transmission.  To commemorate this breakthrough in understanding 20th August has become World Mosquito Day, an opportunity to raise awareness and funds in the fight against mosquito-borne diseases.

A lot has been done since Ross’s time to combat the threat posed by mosquitos thanks to the global efforts of so many public institutions and private companies, including Bayer. However, still today half of the world’s population remains at risk and 725 million people die every year from such diseases. 

At Bayer, we work with an integrated, so-called 360° approach to combat mosquito and other vector-borne diseases; our expertise has allowed us to develop an innovative product and solutions portfolio complemented by partnering and advocacy and training and education initiatives.

At the end of last month, Dr. Kurt Vandock, Head of Public Health Bayer US and Joe Barile, Technical Service Lead in Professional Pest Control and Vector Control in US, led a best practice webinar in cooperation with PCT Magazine to help educate Pest Control Managers in the region on the threat posed by the deadliest animal on earth.

Watch the webinar here:



To learn more about mosquito transmitted diseases and the role Bayer is playing in the combat against them please see our educational factsheets